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While we are arranging our leftover food on the dinner table to clumsy shapes,these food artists are taking the genre of food art to the next level. The intricate unconventional artwork created with the use of food items not only makes this art entirely out of the box but also inspires a whole new level of creativity which can be replicated by restaurants to deliver a cutting edge to their food presentation. We scouted Instagram for food art and encountered marvelous, awe-inspiring works of art. We classified them as thus-

World Best Chocolates

1. Sketch food art

Pencil sketches plus raw noodles, mushrooms, bread crumbs, cucumber, strawberries and so on, makes for the most beautiful designer wear. Edgar Artis creates magical designs by matching his sketches perfectly with food.

Wear it, eat it, love it.

2. Fun food art

Childhood days are the best! Kelly Kong’s fun food art with a wide variety of edible delights reminds us of our favourite dolls and cartoons and instead of biting into the food, you just want to stare at it lovingly.

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It's spring. It's pink. #foodart

A post shared by Kelly Kong • 麗晴 (@kellykong_eatplaylove) on

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Supermodels Kitty 🐱 #Foodart #Foodstyling #sgfood

A post shared by Kelly Kong • 麗晴 (@kellykong_eatplaylove) on

Look at those eyes!

3. Three dimensional food art

Why restrict food art to a two-dimensional plane? La gourmandise, French Chef and Caterer specialises in creating three-dimensional sugar sculptures that we simply can’t stop gawking at.

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4. Ketchup art

Try this when you are served food with lots of ketchup. Remember, its ok to play with your food (and ketchup) only when you can make this kind of awesome caricatures of celebrities. The resemblance is uncanny!

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5. Latte art

This anime latte art of anime characters will get you all fan girling. Belcorno creates beautiful latte representations specialising on anime along with other iconic animation characters, in Japan. The beautiful caricatures will put a smile on your face.

Won’t be able to take a single sip of this beauty.

6. Fruit art

The fruit of creativity is a beautiful, fun work of art. Elsa creates fun figures simply using fruits cuts creatively to adds life to them. Fresh and fruity fun!

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Pip pip🐤Mango-bird😄💛 God helg💛☀️

A post shared by 🌸ELSA🌸 (@creativefun4you) on


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Pip pip🐤🍊☀️😄🍊💛

A post shared by 🌸ELSA🌸 (@creativefun4you) on

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🌿🍃☀️have a Nice day💛❤️

A post shared by 🌸ELSA🌸 (@creativefun4you) on

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Hello Kitty-Sunday🍍🍓🍍

A post shared by 🌸ELSA🌸 (@creativefun4you) on

Why hello there!


Picture credits- Instagram (creativefun4you, edgar_artis, belcorno, lagourmandisecateringperth, kellykong_eatpraylove, heyheyandre_art)

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