Charulata- The Indian Art Renaissance​

Revisiting India’s fabled masterpieces

As abstract forms of art increasingly continue to adore our walls, the timeless masterpieces of Raja Ravi Verma and India’s most fabled artists are being recreated with a new thought and fervour by modern-day painters in small towns of India.

Featured image courtesy: Subrata Gangopadhyay


Artist: Subrata Gangopadhyay


However, the influx of modernist paintings spells doom for India’s very own art movement, one talent at a time.

While select few Indian artists grace the page 3 columns, struggling artists find it hard to showcase their talent due to lack of funds and mentorship. To democratise art and give equal opportunity to one and all, few art curators have collaborated with renowned artists to showcase young talent on the same platform as India’s most celebrated artists.


Artist: Shekhar Kar


Charulata, a venture by Ashatit Haldar and Samhita Bhaumik based out of Kolkata and Gurgaon aim to revolutionise Indian art with country-wide exhibitions showcasing the work of the brightest talents of the country especially of students pursuing fine arts or children. 

“We must encourage millennials to take interest in fine arts or our beautiful heritage will slowly get lost in oblivion. India’s technology and management degree obsessed generation have no place for the deviants, the artists who see the world differently. Charulata is a platform for India’s hidden talents to earn their due”

– Samhita Bhaumik (Co-Founder, Charulata)


Artist: Shekhar Kar


Charulata will be setting up its next exhibition at Bristol Hotel in Gurgaon and will showcase the work of eminent artists like Subroto Gangopadhaya and upcoming young talents.


  1. Vijaya chandra babu menda is Kalighat and Tagores ftom the East and Progressing Artists Group from the West who brought indian art to the fore ,not ignoring the Company art and art of Ancient India
    Figurative art never died and abstract or installation are not going to die either.
    I liked your efforts.
    Everything in art of india should have chance.
    Best wishes.


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