How to make the most of your summer

SUMMER’S HERE! Before you rush off to a crowded hill station or lament over your friend cancelling the trek you guys planned (so sorry). Check out these cool stuff you can do at home. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go out for any of these in this fatal weather.

  • Learn a new language

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Yup. You never know when it will come handy and haven’t you always wondered the origin of those beautiful, beautiful words like Bonjour-Good morning! (French), Afreen- Very good! (Persian), Dolce- Sweet (Italian), C’est la vie-That’s life! (French), Carpe Diem-Seize the day! (Latin) ? Nothing can be compared to the happiness experienced after learning a new language which comes with endless benifits such as-showing off by incorporating them in badly structured sentences (not judging), communicating with a foreign national familiar with this language to the envy of your friends, or maybe experience sheer joy by interpreting a work of art written in that language.

“Dolce far niente”


Thus in no way learning a new language can be a waste of your time so get on to it! (Useful places to start- Duolingo app).

  • Cook!

    For real, DIY recipies are flooding the internet every single day.Uncover the masterchef in you and grab that cheese and scrumptous piece of chicken and be prepared to surprise yourself with your efforts (Newbies keep bandages and burnol handy). Most accomplished chefs were never lucky the first time, it takes patience, a pinch of salt and minced garlic (almost always).

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You don’t have to create a Michelin star dish, start by re-creating your favourite pasta, salad or chocolate cake. We all know following a recipe is only for the fainthearted, take risks after you have impressed all near and dear ones with your cullinary skills (and preferrably take your risky venture outside if you share your home with your parents/friends/spouse). (Useful place to start- Tasty)


  • Take online certification courses

    Get off netflix/torrent and beef up your resume with snazzy new certificates. This will not only get all eyes rolling on Linkedin but also give you an edge as you begin your career. Almost all reputed institutions like Harvard, Cornell provide online certification courses and you can also learn a few IT courses (data interpretation, java, SQL et al) and be a pro at it before summer ends! (Useful places to start- Simplilearn, edX)


  • Go on a spa date

    ALONE? totally! why not? take your bestie or your mom if you don’t have a date and pamper yourself and be summer-ready! And once you are done do take that breathtaking no make-up selfie of your happy spa face.


Don’t limit your spa experience only to your body and nails, treat your hair to a spa as well because the summer heat, sweat and dirt takes a heavy toll on your scalp and ruins the  hair texture. So sit back, relax and feel gorgeous from head to toe.

  • Meet your school friends

    Or whoever still lives in your city or doesn’t have a job yet. It’s totally not necessary that all your friends will be there for you when you want to eat lunch or party with them, you simply have to approach them and hope that they respond. Someone has to make the first move, so why not you?



  • Nurture a new hobby

    You must have always wondered if you could actually paint or play the guitar- now is the time to give it a shot! You obviously don’t have to be good at it, average works and you will not even realise the hours passing by. Relish and enjoy the quaint feeling of self-satisfaction that follows.


(Media credits- Youtube, Google images)