The Green Potion

Celebrities, fitness experts and a few tea enthusiasts of sorts have managed to involve an entire generation into partaking the green leaf and making it an integral part of their everyday diet. Renowned for it’s weight reduction abilities, green tea finds it’s market mainly amongst women who are willing to resort to any potion that can make their imperfections disappear. This makes its prime quality of detoxification secondary, but the main delight of tea lies in its essence, calming effect and of course- its fresh intoxicating aroma. 2015-10-19 00.13.42

Nowadays green tea adverts rule the commercial space which was not exactly the case a few years back as we recollect our favourite Taj Mahal Tea commercials.

Screenshot 2016-06-07 17.28.22

Never gets old.

But now, we have this…

Screenshot 2016-06-07 17.53.18

froommm this…

Screenshot 2016-06-07 17.53.43


Although she’s slaying in a fat suit, let’s stick to the benefits of the green potion for now. Do we really care where our green tea comes from as long as it serves the purpose? Not really. Saying so, we do realise that before the rise of the green tea, there was an overwhelming importance of the source of the tea, its leaf quality, its texture and mostly, its aroma. Most of our fathers will agree to this and vouch for it by holding the cup close to their nose unconsciously before pouring out the content on the saucer or taking their first sip. Do we green tea enthusiasts ever do that?

images 2


The question here is, is any green tea consumer a tea enthusiast whatsoever?

The green potion is nothing more than a cultural phenomenon which will hardly ever substitute for other tea variants that grace the menu of Chaayos. Saying so, it is hard to discount the fact that good ol’ green tea is the most natural and healthy beverage that acts as the best pick-me-up after a hard day’s work of swallowing all the automobile fumes and binging on all the yummy crap that is enough to give a heart attack. Saying so, being a resident of the most polluted city and being surrounded by fast food joints at all times; I can’t do without my beloved glass of green potion no matter how bitter it is. Honestly the bitterness qualms my sense of guilt to a large extent and on occasions of added guilt, it is advisable not to overdose on the wonder potion (as diarrhoea is always a strong, uncomfortable possibility after that).

Screenshot 2016-06-07 18.46.05.jpg

As green tea begins to make its appearance on the menu cards everywhere as a popular beverage choice, the question remains- Is there actually a green tea lover out there who shares unconditional love for the beverage like chai lovers? Leave your comments on the green potion below 🙂

Picture credits- Youtube (Lipton Green Tea,Taj Mahal Tea), Google images

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