Embodying your favourite snack

Remember the phrase ‘you are what you eat’? Well this guy here is proving it.  Literally! Fat and fierce Tim Owens is our innovation and creativity inspiration who is currently making our food dreams come true with his near-perfect representation of our favourite snacks. There can’t be a better combination of food and beauty than what we find in him as he accurately matches his makeup with the package and logo of the snack. We contacted him shortly after watching his videos which are doing rounds on social media currently and we are totally convinced that his love for food, makeup and Rupaul confirms that he is all of us!

“Inspiration is all around us in our daily lives, you just have to keep your mind and eyes open”


With his amazing energy and vibe, Tim preaches self-love and confidence.For him embracing your true self is important and his killer confidence inspires us to do the same.

“Don’t let anybody dull your flame, embrace your flaws, love yourself for them and don’t stop dreaming”
Talking about amazing makeup skills- Tim will soon launch his very own Cosmetic Brand, which is bound to be a superhit considering his killer sense of style.

Such perfection
Tim is undoubtedly our favourite pick for promoting body-positivity and ofcourse- echoing our love for food. His inspiring take on following your dreams is meant for all the aspiring makeup artists male or female to explore your creative side, think out of the box and wow the world with your skill. Normal is boring; deviating from the norm is exciting and definitely bold, but totally worth it!

The resemblance is uncanny

And of course, when you have a good sense of humour and you love food, the possibilities are endless! As Tim says, keep your eyes and mind open and Voila!

Introducing- Burrito Contouring!

Who knew fries could serve a purpose?
Tim feels sorry for his haters who according to him refuse to come out of their box and accept people for who they are. He hopes that someday they will be “able to love themselves and understand that life is about spreading love, not hate”. Amen to that!

His message for our readers and all the aspiring makeup enthusiasts out there-

“Be you, be bold, embrace your flaws and love yourself for them. Because our flaws, are what makes us unique.”

Slaying as ever.
Be bold, be fierce, be you. Isn’t that what beauty is all about?


Follow Tim Owens on Instagram right here.

Watch his make up videos here

Photo credit- Instagram (skelotim)

Gif credit- Youtube

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