Visualising India- The Exotic Lotus


Capturing the perfection of imperfection.

It is a fact that tourists who visit India have an eye for detail and appreciate the most trivial things which we almost always overlook. Their perspective is what adds beauty to their pictures and almost always presents an alternate sight from which we are mostly accustomed to. A majority of the albums of India are focused around photographs of wrinkled faces, children, colourful ethnic attire and unfazed locals staring at the lens . The stereotypical representation of the exotic is inspired by curiosity and wonder of the “mystical land” which can be quite humorous for the inhabitants and often offensive as well as foreign perspectives find aesthetic and art in the midst of squalor & chaos.One must keep in mind that such representations are psychologically motivated as they constantly search for what is invisible to the naked eye in the exotic land captivating the beauty of its unruly,disoriented natural state which provides a certain warmth and joy to the foreign onlooker.

Doing so, they find India & India finds herself in the twinkle of their eyes.

Thus foreign visualisations of the exotic continues to inspire us to keep our eyes open all the more often to the beauty that exists around us, like these photographers affirm.

Feature credit- maxbeerman, (Barcelona)

Beauty in the ordinary.

Black and white magic.

Tying his turban on the bank of the holy lake of Pushkar

So comfy

They say photographs are the best way of connecting oneself to the unknown. Notice the proximity the photographer shares with the subject accompanied by a conscious feeling of detachment. This allows him to accept and place the subject within a space which the photographer feels he’s most comfortable in for the best possible shot. Travelling to a space which is culturally and socially alien, visitors are propounded with a plethora of possibilities and experiences which they eagerly wish to partake of and the local inhabitants will hardly share this enthusiasm. Like this boy here.

And again, what is life without a dash of colour?

Faces! Most intriguing, mysterious faces.They are the most attractive subject of photography for everyone mainly due to the beauty of diversity and uniqueness it imparts.

not to forget…

So chill.

Picture credits- aura6088 (Korea), maxbeerman (Barcelona), ricduncombie (UK), nobliger91 (Japan)


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