Ideas for the best Father’s Day ever

Father’s day is just around the corner (19th June) and you might want to check out a few ideas that will make your daddy-so-happy! We got ideas for all kinds of financial state- no budget, average budget and for the wealthy. So save the date and start chalking out the perfect surprise for the most special man in your life.

1. No budget Father’s Day

It’s ok, you didn’t know daddy’s day was up this month so you spent it all on that fancy restaurant or on that bling shoe. These ideas might help-

  • Cook lunch/dinner. Whip up an awesome cake with basic ingredients or ask your mother or grandma for your dad’s favourite meal recipe. Surprise him by serving the meal yourself and enjoy it hot, alongside your daddy dearest. Nothing will please him more than seeing his dearest son/daughter cooking or even trying to cook for him.
  • Grab your old albums and make a nice collage with all your baby photos of you and your dad together and put your creative powers to use! Make sure to add a sweet note at the bottom reminding him how much you love him and how thankful you are to him for not kicking you out after all the times you screwed up.
  • Surprise your dad by playing old videos of you and him spending time together be it of you crawling awkwardly or balancing yourself on a cycle with him holding the seat. End the video with a personal video of you reading out a thank you note to him.


Always works.

2. Average budget Father’s Day

Have a little saved up? Now is the time to shell a few bucks on the person who’s money you have saved up all your life in tiny piggy banks. (Guilty as charged)

  • Don’t have enough cash for the perfect restaurant reservations? No worries! Buy a small dessert (could be a humble almond cake or rum balls) which your dad normally craves after a sunday night dinner and order your his favourite food joint meal (fried chicken? big mac? biriyani? chinese? ) and team that up with a nice drink made from a nice bottle stored in the bar or picked up from the wine shop and serve it in a grand style with all the finesse of an average restaurant. Perfection- served hot.
  • Take him out for a drive to the place where you both enjoy having long conversations (fishing spot? hill top? coffee shop?) and surprise him there with a cake or a gift (doesn’t have to be an iphone, try classy stuff like bluetooth headphones, tickets to a nice movie, nice leather shoes or a wallet). Who says men don’t need to be pampered once in a while? They do, especially if their baby girl or boy offers them to.
  • Barbeque Night! Surprise your dad with a brand new (low-priced) barbeque oven which is perfect for use only once or twice a month. Place it strategically facing the television and team it up with snacks and drinks.

Screenshot 2016-06-08 18.46.38

Totally worth it.

3. For the wealthy

Lucky you! So the pressure on you is quite significant as you have passed the days when you gifted your dad things he already owned and got away with it. Now my friend, it’s time to up your game, although your dad won’t encourage you to spend on him but hey! he totally deserves it and you can give it to him now. So use your wealth for the best.

  • Gift him a golf club membership. Doesn’t have to be the best in town, something you can afford. Will be quite a tear-jerker for the big man and he will race off to the golf course immediately. Explore your options here.
  • Book a property for him. It could be an investment or a spacious space where he will happily retire in. Property is for men what gold & diamond jewellery is for women. Saying so, dads are as particular about property as women are about their choice of jewellery; choose wisely.
  • Take him out for a five star meal with the best bottle in town. Avoid discussing business with him and talk about fond childhood memories and ask him about his childhood memories. Look forward to the best meal ever.
    Buy tickets for him and your mom for a short getaway and surprise both of them. Choose an off-beat destination with an exotic hotel where he can avail spa facilities and play golf. Explore your options here.


You will do great kid.

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