Some exquisite dishes of the top 5 restaurants of the world

Top- Osteria Francescana, Left- Central Restaurante, Right- Eleven Madison Park

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On 13th June,the Diner’s Club Academy declared the World’s Top 50 best restaurants with Osteria Francescana (Italy) as the best restaurant, followed by El Cellar De Can Roca (Spain) and Eleven Madison Park (USA). We did some serious sneaking through the windows in search of perfection and we encountered maybe a little more than that. These artists have created gastronomic masterpieces with impeccable use of creativity and art on the plate. It is not a surprise that all of these will be fully booked and you have to wait months (sometimes years) to indulge in these wonders.Lucky for us, food bloggers on Instagram leave no stone unturned in depicting the glory of the food on their plate and we do not miss the chance to put them on a plate for you here to gawk at and fantasise while you grow restless for your reservation. Take a trip around these restaurants with these pictures as they serve a treat for your eyes.

Featured picture credits- insiderei, danielhumm, virgiliocentral


Modena, Italy

A side of everything on the menu please!


Girona, Spain

3. Eleven Madison Park

New York, U.S.A


Such sorcery, much drama.


Lima, Peru


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Huampo lucuma retama manzanilla

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How can you even touch something so perfect?


Copenhagen, Denmark

What a time to be alive!

Picture credits- Instagram

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