10 Energy hacks that will keep you on your toes all day long


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No, this is not a sponsored article for energy bars or pills, this is the real stuff which actually works and will help your body produce optimum amount of energy for your daily activities. This is tried and tested by all genders, age groups and the most efficient and energetic people you know already imbibed these habits in their daily routine (including Audrey Hepburn here). So enlighten yourself with these foolproof hacks and share them with your loved ones, especially lazy children.

1. Mandatory eight hours of sleep

Not four hours, not ten hours- eight hours. The theory behind this is not to deprive your body of rest and at the same time, not allow yourself to turn into a lazy sack. Long hours of sleep makes you super-lazy as it hinders the secretion of  the hormones that facilitate  optimum energy. Lack of sleep also destabilises your thyroid glands as it ends up producing more or less of the required secretions and hampers your metabolism and heart function.

FullSizeRzzender 2.jpg

That’s right snuggle in now

2. Wake up with the sun

Ever wondered why the sun shines? You guessed it! You! (you narcissist). So do mother nature a favour and function in sync with her, follow her routine and feel a rush of energy within you. The theory? well psychologically, your body is highly influenced by its habitat and surroundings; the dawn resembles the awakening of your mind while dusk resembles the closing of it. When you sync yourself with your surroundings, you become as energetic and dynamic as mother nature and you know how well she performs her job.


Nothing like a good bright morning

3. Go nuts

No not literally but it’s always an option when you have excess energy. Nuts render super powers which will give you the boost you need to take on life head on! The best ones- almonds and walnuts; cashews give an energy boost as well but overeating will make you feel full and lazy. Meetings? No problem! Open house? No problem! Movie and Dinner after work? No problemo senorita! See? you will go nuts eventually.


Surround yourself with these

4. Ex-er-ci-se!

The dreaded word. I feel your dismay towards it but trust me, your body, soul, kids, wife/husband, friends, doctors, relatives, strangers, every single person you come across will smile at you, look with envy at your glowing skin and crazy energy levels, which will  eventually satisfy your ego (admit it). All of know the basic theory behind it all the blah blahs about improved blood circulation and all that biology lessons BUT! do you realise the secret behind the success of any and every powerful person you know? They make sure they do adequate physical activity every single day without fail- that’s what keeps them going and is also a fool proof method to fighting stress which is the root cause behind low energy levels, depression and crazy ideas.Endorphins for life!




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5. Switch off

Ya you heard me. Curse me all you want and call me a hypocrite but if you don’t limit your smartphone use, you will be slacking around the entire day. Yes the theory- Thanks to our amazing devices, we don’t put our minds to use as we are all aware of (are we?) and hardly ever think which in turn endangers our sense of purpose and lowers energy levels (bye bye endorphins). This is an unconscious process which occurs every single day as you may notice (try to notice) that you feel tired after using your phone for long durations. Switch it off or try switching to a phone which is not as smart as you, watch your life change for real!


You are the MVP lil guy!

6. Dress your best, smile and compliment more often

When you feel good, confident and sure- you say yes to energy and positivity. Try it! don’t expect people to compliment you if you are not willing to return the favour (don’t be that guy) and be generous and genuine with your compliments. When you look your best, you attract all the positive vibes of the world towards you and you tend to on your toes all the time like that colourful butterfly. Smile at those who look mellow and down, that won’t only brighten their day but also make you feel all fuzzy and warm from the inside and you will walk with a spring in your step. Be that butterfly!

IMG_0495.JPGJust have to try harder.

7. DOGS!

Never a dull moment with those furry beauties prancing around you all the time. Enter your home after a sad boring day at work and be welcomed with a shower of happy paws and tongues- nothing better to lift your spirits! A pet ensures your continuous production of endorphins but only commit to keeping a pet if you can take care of it; neglecting a pet is not only terrible for them but also for your endorphins as they will eventually pack their bags and leave for a long vacation.


Energy, affection and unconditional love.

8. Avoid Junk

Surprise your body for once with healthy stuff. The excess oils and fats uses up all your energies and prepares you for a nap-making you completely non-functional. If you really want to avoid food coma, steer clear of all the bacon, cheese and fries and trust me, your liver will thank you will renewed energy and make you feel good and lively. Remember, the condition of your liver often reflects on your face and that is the exact reason behind those  boils and oily nose. Eat clean-feel fresh and alive.


Don’t look, don’t look

9. Detoxify often

Finish that cup of green tea! Your body if often not able to function to it’s maximum potential due to your slow metabolism thanks to the good amount of junk food you have supplied your system with. Green tea is undoubtedly the best and easiestway to detoxify you can also try kale juice, cucumber and lemon water or drink three glasses of water after waking up in the morning.


10. Cut down on sugar and caffeine intake

Real talk? They are undoubtedly the best providers of instant energy but we all know what happens to little Tom after he finally stops running after binging on chocolate- he sleeps. Instant energy doesn’t last throughout the day and increased caffeine intake can very well ruin your sleep and when the sugar runs out you will feel like an useless sack of potato and give up. So don’t go around filling your coffee mugs all days, rather go for a short walk after dinner and sleep like a baby. When you wake up, you will feel fresh, alive and hearty.


Listen to the mug.


Picture Credits- Pinterest & 9GAG

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