Snapdeal may have just won Father’s Day

Screenshot 2016-06-19 20.57.12

Gender equality FTW!

Snapdeal won hearts of many as they initiated the hashtag #FathersCanBeMothersToo on Twitter and got a brilliant response. This hashtag started trending on twitter shortly after they featured a sign to be displayed outside Baby changing rooms for both the parents to share the task. They have briefed the initiative in their blog as a means of promoting equality at home and workspace with their support for paternity leave as well. They are initiating this with the nappy change revolution this Father’s Day which hopefully be a commonplace in the public sphere soon.


Screenshot 2016-06-19 20.53.22.jpgScreenshot 2016-06-19 20.53.11.jpg

Screenshot 2016-06-19 20.57.55.jpg

This is indeed an amazing move following the brilliant initiative of Ariel’s #SharetheLoad which tries to change the common stereotype of gender specific roles within the domestic space such as doing the laundry. If this trend is followed up by other companies, gender equality in workspace in India will not be a far-off dream anymore.

Screenshot 2016-06-19 21.24.24.jpg

Great move guys!


Source- Twitter, Snapdeal



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