The ultimate bucket list for best friends

Think you and your bestie have done-it-all? Think again! Here’s the ultimate best friend bucket list which you and your best buddy should start working on asap!

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1. Go on the longest road trip

Road trips? Hell ya done that so many times but have you been on your longest road trip yet with your bestie by your side? This is your chance! Cross-state, cross-country or best- cross-continent! Every kilometre, every turn you take, will seem all the more fun with your bestie by your side and both of you will experience the unknown together. Sitting together in silence for hours as the world passes by, will cement your friendship for good.


 2. Surprise camping trip!

A double trip! You and friend can surprise each other with a camping trip to a place neither of you have been to. Divide the map into two halfs, assign each a half and get to work! For the best trip, make sure you guys plan camping activities for each other which are completely out of both of your comfort zone, something you have always wanted to do together but didn’t get the chance to. It could be going on a hike at dawn to see the sunrise, see an amazing film together at night under the stars, go fishing, challenge each other to cook with whatever they can gather from the surroundings and if there is more than two of you, play amazing group activities like treasure hunt. You will have memories that you will cherish forever.


3. Learn a language together

Trust me, this will make sure your bond lasts forever. Learning a foreign language which only you guys can understand and communicate in is the best thing ever. Imagine all the people staring at both of you as you guys go on rattling about them or send each other handwritten notes or facebook posts in your very own language! Both of you will be the envy of all your friends. So try choosing an unconventional language (or someone will actually come up to you and respond when you are talking about them).

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4. Dive in!

Take the plunge! If you havn’t done it yet, you must. Scream your lungs out  and experience the adrenaline rush together. Totally worth it.


5. Visit Paris together

Nothing like experiencing the best of Paris with your closest buddy. Take awesome pictures with the Eiffel Tower, scream from the top of the red bus, experience the best ever retail therapy at Champs elysees and enjoy the city’s thriving nightlife as you bask your eyes to the light show at the Eiffel Tower.


6. Make a fun photo series

You guys already have a collection of selfies, in your next trip, bring your A game on and make the most fun and creative set of pictures using your imagination. These pictures will never get lost in the corner of your photo library.


7. Take part in an eating competition together

You are never as comfortable with anyone else other than your best friend right? Binge eat all you can in an eating competition and even if you lose, who cares? You will have lots to laugh about that crazy thing you guys did.


8. Pick a random location and go on a trip

The rules are simple, it has to be a place neither of you have visited before and the choice must be made in the most random method possible like throwing a dart or picking a chit. The beauty of trip will be saving up for it and making plans which may never work out when you travel there. Don’t fret about the choice of location because as long as you are travelling with your best buddy, you won’t regret the experience ever.



9. Plan your future together

Make the mother of all to-do lists- the future list! No one has seen the future but both of you will gain lots of clarity about yours when you pen it down. Who knows? 70 years down the line you two sit together having tea and laugh at how things turned out while reading out the list.

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10. Do a funny vlog together

It might not be a sensation but will definitely be the most precious videos of you two trying to be funny which you will definitely cherish forever.


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