Keeping the Disney magic alive- ft. Designer Daddy and family

Designer Daddy and his family brought cheer to us on Father’s Day with his beautiful designs, now we can see his designs and family come together to give life to magic.  The Garcia family featured in a musical on the Beauty and the Beast recently where Nephi played the role of the beast and his wife, Bethanie played the beauty-Belle. The couple looked perfect in the portrayl of the classic and brought back sweet memories of the Disney movie.





Bethanie, the perfect Disney queen look-alike, potrayed Belle in the most beautiful  way and brought the beloved Disney princess to life.



One Card. One Price. Endless Fun!


Hello Belle ❤

The most beautiful part of the video is the surprise where we see Belle living happily ever after with her wonderful family.


The entire Garcia family together! What an adorable sight.


The amazing outfits add icing to the cake while the family together add make our Disney dreams come to life. Kudos to the Garcias for this amazing musical and keeping the Disney magic alive in our hearts and before our eyes ❤

Watch the musical here.

Keep up with this magical family on Instagram, Facebook and subscribe to their channel on Youtube for more such amazing videos!

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