Wedding of the Royals

King Yaduveer Wadiyar recently tied the knot with Her Highness Trishika Kumari of the Royal family of Dungarpur, Rajasthan. The wedding followed about 50 traditional rituals and took place in the beautiful Mysore Palace which witnessed a wedding after 40 years.As many as 80 royal families and dignitaries from India and abroad were invited to witness the wedding.

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The wedding followed all the royal traditions and was an exemplary of the rich culture and heritage of the Wadiyars of Mysore.

This is the Mysore Palace where the wedding took place-

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Yaduveer Wadiyar is the adopted heir of Her Highness Pramoda Devi. The Wadiyars have ruled Karnataka for over 500 years and King Yaduveer is a favourite youth icon amongst the citizens of Mysore who look upto him for his active participation in social work.

We wish the newly married couple a happy wedded life.

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