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We have the perfect make up list for you so you don’t have to travel to multiple stores to search for the perfect makeup item. has the most extensive collection of makeup of all the luxury brands like Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder, Givenchy, Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Gucci, Helena Rubenstein, Kanebo, Dior ,La Prairie to name a few AND they deliver worldwide-FOR FREE!.Also, the more you buy, the more you save! Upto 8-10% on the total amount if you purchase 4-5 items.Now you don’t have to hesitate before gifting  yourself and your loved ones the luxury of best brands.
Amazing right? Allow us to guide you through the very best of their collection so that you find just the right products to create that perfect look. We have shortlisted some of the best products which are all available at a price much lower than the original. So get ready to pamper yourself with the best luxury brands and replace your worn out makeup with these beauties!

Now you don’t have to hesitate before gifting  yourself and your loved ones the luxury of best brands.
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The Summer Look (ideal for brunch, picnics and shopping)

The outdoor summery look calls for the blend of the perfect light shades that blends in with your face and gives a fresh look. Overdoing the make-up can reverse the desired effect, so one should apply just the right amount for the perfect selfie!
This look requires a lot of under-work, prep your skin with a light serum and apply a foundation on top of it, followed by concealer. Contouring for this look is not necessary and the lip shade could range from nude pinks to rosy reds. The most important part of this look is the mascara which should be applied liberally and a fair amount of light pink or golden eyeshadow for the perfect finish. You can get all these products right here!

Screenshot 2016-06-30 16.18.39.jpg

Screenshot 2016-06-30 16.17.17.jpg

Screenshot 2016-06-30 16.34.55.jpg

Screenshot 2016-06-30 16.28.40

Screenshot 2016-06-30 17.59.06.jpg

Screenshot 2016-06-30 16.47.31

Screenshot 2016-06-30 16.25.35.jpg

The Corporate Look

As there is minimum natural light at a work-setting, you need to sync your make-up with your dress code-bold, sophisticated and classy. The foundation should blend in perfectly with the skin tone to create a natural look and avoid making the face look pale. Contouring is a good idea here and concealer is a must as the indoor light will amplify all the wrinkles and eye-bags. The lip shade should be a bold colour, not party bold, but probably a darker shade of red or nude. Make sure you smooth your strands for the perfect bun or any other frizz-free look you intend to try.

Screenshot 2016-06-30 17.52.04.jpg

Screenshot 2016-06-30 16.16.10.jpg

Screenshot 2016-06-30 16.44.44.jpg

Screenshot 2016-06-30 16.37.27.jpg

Screenshot 2016-06-30 16.26.47.jpg

Screenshot 2016-06-30 16.31.26.jpg

Screenshot 2016-06-30 16.30.26.jpg
Screenshot 2016-06-30 16.58.12.jpg

The Party Look

When you let your hair down, you are supposed to look your best! Steam up your hotness quotient with smokey eyes and don’t hesitate to experiment with creative eye-shadow palettes to create the impressive cat-eyes. Tone down with the foundation and work with the concealer as you don’t want to be the white ghost of the party. Be the diva instead and apply the perfect lip shade which is dark, bold and fun. It could be a dark maroon or an electric blue- whatever suits your outfit and mood. Smooth out those locks with the best range of hair products available on and jive to the beats!

Screenshot 2016-06-30 17.51.23.jpg

Screenshot 2016-06-30 16.36.01.jpg

Screenshot 2016-06-30 17.59.45.jpg


Screenshot 2016-06-30 16.46.54.jpg

Screenshot 2016-06-30 17.59.30.jpg

Screenshot 2016-06-30 16.52.37.jpg

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