Useful Tips On Making It Big In The Entertainment Industry From This Game

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This game is not only a “How to become a celebrity-for dummies” but also a crash course for those aspiring to be fashion PR mavens in the future. Kim Kardashian’s game is quite autobiographic and revolves around her life mainly but as you get yourself around the game, meet ‘people’ and interact with them, you understand how the entire machinery works in the entertainment world. Aspiring models who want to be a sensation and PR aspirants who want to create a sound impact would want to play this game to gain an insight on how the entertainment industry functions in general. Once you get the hang of it, you will realise you are pretty much familiar with how networking works in this industry-it’s pros and cons and also how long can you get your way around by flirting (not much).


Love her or hate her, you definitely can’t ignore her! Kim’s genius social media marketing team and her ‘momager’ has facilitated her huge media presence which aided the creation of her virtual self by The Kardashian:Hollywood game and Kimojis. The game recently completed two years since it’s creation in 2014.

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What you learn from it-

How to interact and network with photographers/designers/celebrities

Be nice or sassy? Allow this game to direct you by offering very obvious hints to the right answers with the ‘K’ Star which you eventually run out of and buy.




Mid Season Sale - Up to 50%

How to gain social media followers and how not to lose them

You keep gaining and losing followers, that’s what the game is all about. What you do determines this and if you really wish to benefit from this game, try to keep a track of all the actions that result in increasing your followers because that is useful.




How to be an effective PR professional

It’s not easy to handle celebrity clients. Their mood swings will most definitely put your patience to test so you should know how to handle them in a professional and smart manner.




How to handle haters

You will encounter plenty of incidences where you won’t be meeting pleasant people but of course, this game will give you few tips that may come handy in dealing with nasty haters.



That’s right.

Download the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app and join the fun.

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