Massimo Bottura- A Fascinating Culinary Maven

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Massimo Bottura, is one of the liveliest, joyful and energetic chefs the world has even seen. He inspires millions of aspiring chefs all around the world and his restaurant, Osteria Francescana is the ultimate destination for gourmet lovers and critics from around the world. Apart from this, he has two restaurants in Modena and an offshoot brasserie-Franceschetta58.

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His acclaimed Osteria Francescana has been awarded three Michelin stars in the span of nine years and has been voted as the best restaurant in Italy for seven years and the World’s Best on 2016. Massimo’s mantra for successes quite simple-

“I always advise young chefs to believe in their dreams. Impossible is Nothing.”
-Massimo Bottura

Massimo is keen on breaking away from the old tradition of Italian food that follows the same look, size and portion all over the country and give it a creative makeover following the international standard of food critics. Doing so, he doesn’t intend to deconstruct it but reconstruct Italy’s cultural heritage which is dear to the people he primarily serves. One of his menus is entirely dedicated to the flavours and taste of Italy that pays tribute to its culture and tradition along with a menu of experimental dishes from his kitchen.His signature style dishes are mainly classic works of art that depict the perfection of food presentation as it cleverly situates modern art on a palette.

Massimo situates the culture of Italy within his heart as he names the dishes that depict the evolution of Italian heritage as “Come to Italy with me” or “Compression of Pasta and Beans” that portray classic Italian diners. This modern chef has a futuristic outlook towards the process of evolution of food tradition thus he believes that-

“Our traditions root us in a place, culture and time, but they must never be stagnant. Traditional food is the result of a successful experiment. We must continue to evolve our palates and our techniques and remain flexible in the kitchen to new ideas, ingredients and concepts. Only then can we project ourselves into the future and allow our own gastronomic evolution to follow”

-Massimo Bottura.

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Thus our favourite chef Massimo Bottura is truly representative of the constantly evolving 21st century who is not only an idol for thousands of aspiring chefs but also an inspiring patriot who has taken it upon himself to reimagine and reinvent the culinary possibilities of Italian cuisine. Learn more about him in his book-Never trust a skinny chef.

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