Makeup And Men- Yes Please!

More men are experimenting with makeup  and we are not just talking about drag queens. Men all around the world are slaying with killer makeup skills which are good enough to make an appearance on an editorial feature. The fashion fraternity is yet to embrace  androgynous fashion with makeup on men on print or exclusives. Check out these dashing men as they smash all the stereotypes surrounding makeup as they bring their ‘A’ game on with killer eyebrows and perfect application of eyeliners and eyeshadows.

Feature Credit- Jason Branigan

Men embracing androgynous fashion make the best use of makeup to complete their look. The finished product thus looks perfect with all the elements complimenting each other which we can see in makeup artist Anthony Maddison, as he specialises in embracing feminine trends to create a suave look that blends both all genders together to create sheer beauty.

In Anthony’s words-

“It’s time that some leading brands realised that not just one gender buy their products but all people,we need to stop putting people in categories. It’s diversity, that makes the world so beautiful and we all need to embrace each other’s creativity”

And we can’t have enough of men flaunting those seductive eyes and killer cheekbones with makeup so keep ’em coming world! Makeup clearly works for all genders and we can’t agree more.

Picture Credits- Instagram

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