The Future of Lifestyle- When Travel, Fashion and Food will no longer exist in isolation

With less than four years to welcome the 2020’s, Lifestyle is carving a niche for itself by bringing together the three aspects- Travel, Fashion ,and Food. Gone are the days when either of these could exist in isolation as bloggers from all around the world are blending the three to feature the best of lifestyle. Eminent travel bloggers fulfil the role of fashionistas while posting a picture of their favourite destination while gourmet dishes with artistic plating and stunning pastries complete any travel feature. The famous cuisine/dishes of a country denote its taste, thus every country, state or even a hamlet has it’s own taste which is a complementary experience of travel. Western fashion may dominate the trend and ideology but even the best of luxury brands seek inspiration from traditional prints or the humble floral print which continues to dominate fashion millennials after Eve, with her floral adornment stared into her reflection with vanity.  In the next few  years, every definition of Lifestyle thus will connote the best of three, instead of one and will thus be symbolic of the transition.

With the future in perspective, the possible connotations of Lifestyle must be put to debate with the inclusion of a variety of other factors that are intrinsic to one’s life.Factors such as mental and physical well-being, creating better living spaces and exploring human interests and hobbies is the need of the hour which is often overlooked. Categorising the vast subject of lifestyle into broad spheres not only discourages its possibility of development but also limits its scope of integrating and accommodating with sister  genres.

Feature Credit- Leonie Hanne

Some of our favourite examples of bloggers who exemplify the best of Lifestyle-



And the list goes on. Welcome to the future.


Picture Credits- Instagram


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