Valentine’s Day ideas for single ladies

Ladies, ditch the online web-series streaming and ice-cream binging plans and get out there this Valentine’s Day! Feel fabulous and celebrate yourself because self-love is a real thing and there’s no better way to say I love myself than enjoying your dark-chocolate mousse cake at a romantic a french café surrounded by sloppy lovers. It’s just you and the delicious cake, which is currently committed to satisfying your taste buds (that’s true love)


Get a fancy haircut

Nothing lifts your confidence more than a good haircut. Get one which suits the shape of your face and get a picture of a celebrity prototype so that both the hairdresser and you are on the same page. A new hair color would do the trick as well. Celebrate the new you


Nothing like good volume and edgy bangs to life your spirit (Tumblr: Margaux-saltel)

Pamper thyself

Want to stay away from the PDA’s and couples holding hands? Retire to a salon or massage parlor and get the long-pending foot rub or mani-pedis. Get your single friend along for the same so that both of you can rock those polished nails together.


Slay like a boss girl (Tumblr:three-random-chicks)

Pick up the perfect gift for those you love

No one is ever “alone” on V-Day or any other day for that matter. Visit a gift shop and once you have made your way in pushing through the hearts and cupids, pick up gifts for your single friends or family. The smile on your friend’s or your mom/dad’s face on receiving roses or chocolates will wipe away all the V-day blues you might have.

e88e7e8d15b0096d34da4340b295fa32Spread some love and cheer. (Pinterest)

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Take a hike

It’s time to take the weekend getaway trip you have been postponing for months. Pack your bag with the essentials and disappear to a lodge/resort/camp for a day or two. The best part is that you will come back with renewed spirits, ready to take on the world head on.


Nothing like spending quality time with mother nature (Tumblr:banshy)


Remember that fancy café with the over-the-top menu and smart waiters? It’s time to pay a visit. The one which is on the roof-top or overlooking a lake will be just perfect! Order an orange infused dark chocolate cake slice with a cup of espresso or just a glass of rosé and delve into that book you have been meaning to read since forever.


Bliss. (Tumblr: kodyazar)

Look your best, click pictures

Go on a photo walk with your besties at a tourist spot or any aesthetic establishment and get snapping. Get your selfie stick, tripod, and SLR and click amazing pictures of each other.  Not only will you guys have the best time, you will also have beautiful memories.


Picture-perfect. (Pinterest)

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Go for R-therapy

If you are having a hard time scrolling down your newsfeed through all the gifts your friends have received on V-Day, grab your credit card and make your way to the nearest shopping destination. Visit your favorite brand outlets and splurge a reasonable amount on dresses and accessories and come out looking like a queen.


You go girl! (Tumblr:evagutoskwipoland-blog)

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