The #FashFoodInsta Trend Is Upon Us And Is Here to Stay

Dainty poses with creamy macaroons are the order of the day for fashionistas who are on the lookout for adding flavour to their Instagram handles with artsy snaps that look absolutely fabulous (delicious).

Screenshot 2017-07-15 15.22.19.jpg

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Turn your favourite food item into a work of art with a Berry-Licious shade of nail enamel and a trendy vintage eyewear and voila, you look straight out of a novel. Fashion graduates Isabella Bravo and Jasmine Zhang are two such fash-food enthusiasts who prefer their favourite delicacy with a complementing outfit. How rad is that?

While attending their senior thesis fashion class, the two friends shared multiple conversations about their love for distinctive food and fashion, as well as restaurants and trendy spots where one can dine fashionably. They went on share the snaps on Instagram and created @foodiesinfashion, which aims to intrigue a fashion-forward audience looking for new adventures in their culinary indulgences.

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This fashion meets foodie Instagram is a unique take on various dishes and drinks served at restaurants as they are presented with a high-end fashion editorial twist. The fashion graduates aspire to change the way we dine by giving us Insta-goals fash-food enthusiasts need to attain once they go out for a brunch in the countryside or visit a French cafe tucked into a corner of a bustling city.

The marriage of the best of food and fashion is indeed an event worth celebrating in the history of lifestyle. Cheers!

Follow the fash-food enthusiasts at @foodiesinfashion

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