Influencing With The Flu And The Future

Virtual reality is the new normal that we have embraced in the quiet corner of our domestic existence since Day 1 of quarantine.

A regular 12-hour day involves continuous scrolling, a few left and right swipes and some hesitant taps on check-out. Influencers who have dominated our feed since Instagram became popular have taken a backseat with the pandemic cutting media budgets of youthful brands that they sweared by. Thanks to COVID-19, #OOTDs and #MUAAddict were no more #OnFleek.

Ashley Carmen in her article on The Verge discusses in detail about the reinvention of aesthetics by influencers who are stuck at home. With travel plans tucked away for 2021, feeds are now all about no oven/no bake/no effort Banana bread, fun TikToks, #TBTs to Santorini/Lucerne/Dolomite vacays and repurposing designer outfits that were pressed and ready for New York Fashion Week or brunches at Avenue des Champs-Élysées.

In the absence of any professional photographers and dreamy backdrops, influencers are improvising like all of us to retain the most valuable cash-maker – followers who are spending more time online than ever.

A testing time for influencers when online survival depends on creating creative, engaging posts every day. 

Influencers and influencing is set to change and make way for the new. When the lockdown reached its peak, fashion labels and photographers went out of the way to embrace the new normal. Thus, ‘Facetime shoots’ became a thing. The bolder name in fashion, Vogue Italia did a Facetime shoot with supermodel Gigi Hadid and paved the way for the future.

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Far Away So Close. @BellaHadid joined the project with @BriannalCapozzi and @HaleyWollens. About the shooting, Brianna said: “The day before the shoot, Haley and I tested out poses together on facetime; this is always our process, but not within the confinement of a cell phone screen. It was pretty hilarious. Then we called Bella Hadid and did a fitting, it was fun to have the intimacy of the three of us, everyone's opinions were considered, and lots of jokes always. Then we hung up and Bella went off to do her hair and makeup, she did a stellar job, this is why she's a supermodel! She is the full package and always makes it exciting and fun. Bella's friend Lauren, who is a creative director when she’s not stuck in the house, acted as a dream photo assistant & fashion assistant, taking the liberty to order a ring light the night before, and always on hand to hold a mirror or grab a pair of socks. When we actually start shooting it was quite funny, I would call Bella back from my computer, because the quality is better with two people. Haley would then call Lauren's phone and they would put Haley and I side by side so that we could both see a similar frame. Haley and I could not see each other, but being the loud New Yorkers we are, we had no problem hearing each other!” Discover the full Far Away So Close portfolio in our April Issue on newsstands. #FarAwaySoClose #imagine #WhiteCanvas — Editor in chief @EFarneti Creative director @FerdinandoVerderi

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And so it began.

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The raw essence of homely existence fascinated art enthusiasts and editors alike and fashion designers sent across their latest creation to be adorned and adored in the domestic sphere. Kylie Jenner posed for Vogue Czechoslovakia wearing Balmain with a modest sheer backdrop and #ShotOniPhone pictures that made headlines in no time.

Lest we forget the mama-bear cover. 

The ‘Vogue cover challenge’ sent influencers on a hunt to seek the most aesthetic corner of their home for the perfect snap. Content was never an issue with leading publications that copied each other’s trend and asked fashion industry’s leading names for an #OOTD snap at their homely abode. With the lockdown easing up, the glam quotient of these influencers opened everyone’s pockets wider and got sales back up in no time.

While Zara and H&M were busy making record sales on the app, luxury brands that highly depend on the retail store experience for sales, didn’t have the same charm on online shopaholics. Gucci hiked its prices upto 9% in an attempt to shake off the damages done by the disruption of supply chain while taking affordability into consideration. Chanel, as reported by Business of Fashion, is soon to follow. 

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“I love supporting local businesses, especially those in my home country. This suit is from a Belarusian brand called BOITSIK, based out of my hometown of Minsk. I bought this in late autumn, hoping to wear it on a fresh and sunny spring day. Here I am, wearing it for the first time today, for a photo for Vogue India in spring, on a sunny and fresh day, within the four walls of my apartment,” says model and creative director Laura Gavrilenko (@laura_gavry). With time on their hands, and a worldwide lockdown that has compelled a closer relationship with their wardrobes, fashion influencers turned the camera onto their closets for us. Stay tuned for more. Fashion director: @priyankarkapadia Bookings Editor: @prachitiParakh

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BRB, making a beeline for Net-a-porter.

While the fashion/beauty influencers are blessed with their business once again, travel and food influencers can’t say the same. Wayfarer Farah Ayuub was waiting to start a promising career as a travel and food influencer when the national lockdown in India barred her dreams of scouting the Himalayan ranges for heavenly valleys and local cuisines.

“2021 maybe, but I had all the investment and traffic required in my social media accounts and blog for a promising start. Can’t say any of that will make it through till 2021”

-Farah Ayuub

While fitness, cooking, beauty influencers are enjoying a career peak, travel influencers who have a generous repository of content are making their way through the lockdown with happy #TBTs and warming up to cozy corners in their homes.

The verdict? It’s time to shift from places to products. 

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“It's true though: time moves in its own special way in the middle of the night”🌙🌙 ✨ Our weekend in one little photo: for is there any better time for a little celebration that the weekend?! We’ve been indoors for over 2 months now, so we decided to give our balcony a mini-makeover for a slow evening spent playing board games and eating pizza! 🍕🍕We watched as the pink of the sky gave way to the stars and loved it so much that we did the exact same thing two days in a row 😅🌟🌟 ✨ ✨ It’s a crazy time right now but I’m SO happy we decided to make a bit of an effort because it turned out to be such a memorable evening. Because THIS is how I’ll remember our quarantine now, despite all the odds🌙🌟🌟 ✨ ✨ In fact, we might just repeat this on Savi’s birthday in a couple of weeks. What’s YOUR sunsign? Have you celebrated any occasions at home this past month? 🤔🌟🌟 ✨ ✨ #bruisedpassports #livevictoriously #greygooselife #stayhome #quarantinelife #glasshalffull

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Those who are reluctant to make the shift to products are altering reality to create magic. Who needs to travel for content when you have imagination?

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#followmeto the imaginary world of Dali, come with me and @natalyosmann. Salvador Dali’s extraordinary creativity has left its mark throughout many elements of culture and curiosity within todays society. My initial inspiration behind this image is from the Space Elephant sculpture which you can see in the @dali_paris_officiel! Which reopens on the 10th of June! ❓What is your favourite artwork by Dali❓ #unleashyourcreativity @honorglobal 💻: #HONORMagicBookSeries #Windows10Home 🇷🇺Следуйзамной в воображаемый мир Дали. Исключительное творчество Сальвадора Дали оставило свой след во многих элементах культуры. Какая у вас любимая работа Дали?

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#followmeto 𝐓𝐫𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐥 𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐨𝐧 𝐪𝐮𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐚𝐭 𝐡𝐨𝐦𝐞 🙂 Officials around the world say that “Social distancing” is the key to slowing the spread of the Coronavirus. You shouldn’t panic, but taking some precautionary steps is a good decision. – Avoid situations where there are crowds. – Get your food delivered. – Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer. – Minimize the use of paper money – While staying at home you can do many things: read the books you always wanted to but didn’t have time, imagine the places you can go while staring at your washing machine :), practice yoga. P.s for those who are worried that we wasted the toilet paper – don’t worry we have saved it 🙂 ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ #следуйзамной к тревел блоггерам на карантине. Официальные лица во всем мире говорят, что «социальное дистанцирование» является ключом к замедлению распространения коронавируса. Вы не должны паниковать, но конечно же лучше предпринять меры предосторожности. – Избегайте ситуаций, где есть толпы людей. – Доставляйте еду домой – Мойте руки и используйте дезинфицирующее средство для рук. – Минимизируйте использование бумажных денег – Находясь дома, вы можете делать много вещей: читать книги, которые вы всегда хотели, но у вас не было времени, представить себе места, куда бы вы путешествовали, глядя на свою стиральную машину :), занимайтесь йогой. – для тех, кто обеспокоен тем, что мы потратили впустую туалетную бумагу – не волнуйтесь, мы ее сохранили 🙂

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Food influencers who are chefs have successfully survived the pandemic monster and are baking and sautéing for the lens. Cooking at home is the new fad that is raking up likes and follows like wildfire. The feed of successful food influencers have successfully overcome the ‘banana bread’ pandemic and renewed our resolve to become successful gourmet home-chefs.

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🥧 Just a cute little sloth on a blueberry pie, and the beginning of my next animal themed pie series. . I recently watched the new season of @veronicamars (amazing show btw! If you’ve never seen it, you should definitely check it out!) and was reminded of the video of @kristenanniebell’s adorable sloth-induced meltdown (also something you should check out 🤣). Suddenly, I knew exactly what I wanted to decorate my blueberry pie with. I hope you all love this little guy as much as I do! . I don’t have time to post all that often these days, but I’ve got more pies in the works! Do you think you can pull a Veronica 🕵️‍♀️ and figure out the theme is of this next animal-inspired pie series? . . . #sloths #slothsofinstagram #slothnation #pieart #pie #edibleart #piemaking #piesquad #piegoals #piestagram #ilovepie #pastryartsmag #foodtographyschool #bakingblog #thesugarfiles #bakersofinstagram #bakefromscratch #fromscratch #bakersgonnabake #lovetobake #imsomartha #lifeandthyme #f52grams #gloobyfood #thebakefeed #feedfeed #feedfeedbaking #bronzebakery

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This was so delicious, I decided it deserved a haiku: . butter and chicken cooked with tomatoes and spice dinner is ready . How many years do you think it took me to get this recipe exactly how I wanted it—before it passed Piyush’s, the kids and my taste test? [thats right…YEARS! 😬 I test and tweak and test recipes some more until I’m 💯 satisfied—sorry I haven’t posted the full recipe yet 😬] . I’ll post the answer in my stories! 😃 . P.S. see that pretty bay leaf floating in the gravy? I brought those back from Kerala when we visited the spice farms and plantations 🤩 . . #butterchicken #chickendinner #haikusofinstagram #chickencurry

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The PERFECT summer meal! I just made this for my sister yesterday and she said it was the BEST. QUICHE. SHE'S. EVER. HAD. 👊 🥒 Seriously you guys, it's ah-mazing! 😍 🥒 It's perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or any time in between! 🕰 🥒 The crispy hash brown crust just takes it over the top and did I mention the 🥓?? 😋 🥒 👉Google "mom on timeout zucchini quiche" for the recipe! 👉RECIPE HERE: . . . #zucchini #bacon #thefeedfeed #BHGfood #buzzfeedfood #f52grams #thekitchn #huffposttaste #recipes #instafood #TODAYfood #instagood #instayum #forkyeah #foodbeast #cheeeeese @thefeedfeed #foodbeast #huffpostfood @food52 @delish #devourpower #yahoofood #heresmyfood #food52 #appetite #foods4thought @thekitchn #foodgawker #foodandwine #feastagram #inmykitchen #forkfeed #beautifulcuisines

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Zucchini quiche? Hell ya!

Most influenstars who have shifted course and are open to experimenting with new products have successfully put the ‘flu’ past them. The rest who are true to their art are willing to sit out the pandemic with #TBTs and alternate content templates, hoping to get back on top feed once again.

2021, please be nice!

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