Taking A Leaf From Nature : World’s No.1 Restaurant On Making An Impactful COVID-19 Comeback

Time and tide stood still at the jewel of French Riviera as COVID-19 plagued the world.

Topping the 50 best world’s best restaurant’s list, world’s number one restaurant Mirazur in Menton, France takes pride in serving gastronomical wonders to culinary enthusiasts around the world.

Overlooking the picturesque French Riviera, the restaurant welcomes you with a gush of cool breeze, the low hum of crickets and the distant cry of seagulls.

The one thing that breathes life into Mirazur’s legacy and adds to its exclusivity is it’s sincere and immaculate bond with nature. From Mirazur’s lush hillside garden to the shimmering French riviera, every element works together to create the magic of Mirazur.

Chef Mauro Colagreco, the culinary maven of Mirazur recounts how nature played a pivotal role in shaping its fine dining experience in the COVID-19 world.

We have observed awestruck as nature continued to move forward, following its own rhythm with the annual Spring rebirth, even though the COVID pandemic had forced us to abruptly stop all we had been doing.

Mauro Colagreco3 @matteoCarassale.jpg

When time stood still for humans, nature thrived.

Spring enamoured the Mediterranean coastline and new life sprouted on every inch and corner. While nature took its usual course and thrived, Mirazur observed the miracle of regeneration closely. This nudged the habitants of Mirazur them to stop what they had been doing and change course. Literally.

There was no looking back.

The team decided to pass on their experience to customers and adopted a more holistic approach to the new menu. Chef Mauro assimilated his observations of the biodynamics principles that played out during this period while witnessing nature in full bloom with the lunar calendar to decide not only what people will be eating, but when? 

The new ‘Lunar menu’ of Mirazur features the treasures of the hillside garden as per the day of the visit. Each offering is inspired by natural elements like flowers, fruits, leaves and roots- laid out in the most divine fashion.

Making every serving an ode to mother nature.

Mirazur. Menton. France

Capucine_ Mirazur Flowers Universe @matteoCarassale.jpg

Depending on the day of arrival guests can experience one of four variations: ‘Roots Universe Menu’, ‘Leaves Universe Menu’, ‘Flowers Universe Menu’, ‘Fruits Universe Menu’. A complete taste immersion, where the interconnections present in our cosmos inspire and guide us at the moment of creation on the ground.

Rosace de gamberoni de San Remo_ Mirazur Flowers Universe @matteoCarassale .jpg

An exclusive menu curated to satiate your senses and strikes harmony with the cosmos guarantees an experience like none other.

Expectations are sky-high when guests are putting the ongoing pandemic on the backseat and making their way for an authentic fine-dining experience. Mirazur has gone a step ahead from the passive sanitiser-on-table rule and introduced a Mediterranean experience of ‘moon bowl’ basin for hand-wash.

A symbolic act of soaking in nature right before your meal.

This cleansing ritual is followed by a hearty meal seated next to a herb garden that seduces your senses with an earthy aroma.


Chef Mauro believes that safety measures should not be exclusive to guests but focus on the well-being of the entire community, as the restaurant does not exist in isolation.

Chef Mauro (extreme left) with his team at Mirazur

I think that little by little our resistance and fear will disappear if we remain vigilant of the importance in respecting specific hygiene habits. On the other hand, a restaurant is not an isolated place. A huge network of people work around it and it is very important for the local communities that they are kept safe.

Chef Mauro believes that “the ability to reinvent themselves” to turn the tide has attributed to their success over time. Due to COVID-19, the hospitality industry has taken a huge hit, forcing many restaurants around the world to shut shop indefinitely. Many are hopeful of kinder times ahead but business is far from usual.

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Mirazur’s long-term vision is rooted in the natural wonders that surround it.

At Mirazur, we are fortunate enough to be located in an area that is magnificent for its cultural and natural richness. Our inspiration and strength come from here and we want to communicate and share this wonder as best we can.

The unrivalled star of the World’s 50 Best Restaurant Mirazur, is an example of mankind’s harmonious co-existence with nature.

Defining a new path for hospitality and fine-dining in an era of the pandemic.

Mirazur. Menton. France

Image credits: Mirazur (Lotus International)

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