5 Reasons why everyone needs to experience Patagonia

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Nomadarte (nomadarte.com)

Hear the majestic roar of nature and experience the sublime as it makes you swoon.
Visit the ends of the earth for the most fascinating and picturesque vistas.The southern stretch of South America offers the most breaktaking destinations ranging from mighty glaciers to grand mountains and crystal-clear water bodies. You will be reminded of famous Disney movies and cartoons when you will confront the awe-inspiring scape of a towering glacier and lofty mountains. The best part is that nature seems to come to life here when the glacier roars and you witness mother nature at work as the iceberg falls and floats gracefully on the water body. Envision the sublime and let our favourite instagrammers convince you with their outstanding pictures.

Featured photo by Cynthia and Gustavo nomadarte (nomadarte.com)

1. Perito Monero

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Nomadarte (nomadarte.com)

Watch mother nature at work as you witness the perennial force of nature. The glacier will respond to your awe with a roaring sound as it falls into the water and floats gracefully on it’s surface. This view will definitely remind you of the Ice Age- The Meltdown movie.

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That’s right.

You may witness the glacier thundering and breaking as it falls on the water body and this sight will make you shiver and remind you of the tremendous power nature pocesses.



Surprisingly, out of the three glaciers Perito Monero is the only one which is growing while the others are receding fast. Make sure you visit this wonder before Global Warming consumes the last few remanents of the ice age.

2. Majestic mountains

The majestic Mt Fitz Roy is situated on the border of Argentina and chile, near El Chaltén village is one of the most popular ‘tower’mountains followed by the Torres Del Paine .The first time you behold these towering giants, your heart is bound to skip a beat and you will feel humbled by its awe-inspiring grandeur. For trekkers it is a hard and tideous ascent to the top and the steep and lofty nature of all these mountains makes the journey formidable.


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Nomadarte (nomadarte.com)


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Evankokoska (evankokoska.com)

Famous photographer Daniel Kordan’s captures will confirm that the mountain and it’s surroundings looks as beautiful under the moonlight at it does during sunrise and sunset.


3. The Water Bodies

Patagonia comprises of the region where the glacier melts to form stunning waterfalls, lagoons. Their crystal clear appearence and freshness will make you thirsty.



Scenic lakes and lagoons with the perfect reflection.




4. Stunning landscape

Patagonia is not only famous for National Parks and glaciers but also for its picturesque vistas. All roads lead to the mountain through beautiful valleys which is an ideal setting to put your creativity to test and click pictures which you can double up as postcards that inspire wanderlust and envy.


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Nomadarte (nomadarte.com)

Cynthia and Gustavo were lucky to encounter this curious guy.

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Nomadarte (nomadarte.com)

You never know what adventure awaits you.

5. Penguins!


Magellanic penguins are found in the coastal region of Argentina, Chile and Falkland islands, walking around merrily like Private, Skipper, Kowalski and Rico although they don’t belong to the same species and are endangered (we know why).

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Come on up at Punta Tombo and laugh with these magnificent creatures. Their likeness to human nature will surprise you.

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