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Socio Martini is a lifestyle portal with the choicest content on travel, fashion and food. We cater to a global audience and work with bloggers from over 50 countries.

It was founded on the belief that the future of lifestyle doesn’t exist in isolation. Our content is a melting pot of cultures, art and beauty, curated for everyone. We reach out to a global audience with new vistas to keep wonder alive.

Socio Martini makes the dreamers, rebels, realists and everyone in between to pause, smell the roses and take a sip of inspiration. 

We set lifestyle free from its niche constructs and let it scratch the surface.

Doing so, our team showcases the talent of professionals and amateurs alike. Giving everyone a democratic platform to express their passion.

Be seen and stake your claim on a global audience.

Sit back, breathe and enjoy the very best of social media. Curated exclusively to lift your mind and spirits from the mundane .

Be a part of the lifestyle revolution. 

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Satabhisa Bhaumik