About us

Take a sip of inspiration.

Socio Martini is a lifestyle blog that offers a variety of content and caters to a global audience. We specialise in delivering the best of travel, food and fashion and strive to maintain a superior standard in doing so.

Our objective is to present a common platform for aspiring travel, food and fashion bloggers to stake their claim and gain a global audience, thus an opportunity to showcase their talent and invite exciting opportunities.

Doing so, we branch out to social media platforms like Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest and collaborate with their creative stars to create engaging content.

This website was established with a dream to become the foremost pioneers of new-age media and be a part of the revolution which is altering the prevalent structure of lifestyle content by showcasing the talent of emerging photographers, artists and writers.

Socio Martini thus is a collection of the very best of social media which we deliver to you in a manner that is both exciting and intriguing. This is possible due to our constant efforts at developing content that will lift your spirits each day with new, exciting blends of social martinis.

Our chief motto is to provide quality content that is aesthetic, inspiring, creative and exciting

So sit back, relax and enjoy our offerings.

Tell us how you prefer your Martini at listenup@sociomartini.com.

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Satabhisa Bhaumik

Editor-In-Chief, Founder

Socio Martini