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Give the popular destinations a rest and travel to some of the best kept secrets of Europe  ideal for a quite, peaceful getaway for the solitary soul. Lonely Planet has listed the best places to visit in Europe with breathtaking vistas that inspired us to pack our bags right away! We have picked our favourite destinations from the list, keeping in mind that our pick offers you solitude and peace minus the crowd and concrete. This selection has been coupled with some of our favourite Instagram posts simply to take you closer to the destination. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to move over the crowded tourist hotspots and check out these amazing medieval castles, lush meadows and bewitching beaches. Undoubtedly, these photographers have done absolute justice to the beauty these places boast of.

Featured photo by  Tihomir Grzincic (Dalmatia)

The Peloponnese, Greece

Rings a bell? The ancient Peloponnesian war was fought between the Spartans and Athenians right here folks! That’s right; and apart from splendid ruins that dominate the landscape, you will find yourself facing the turquoise blue ocean most of the time. The remnants of the lost empire look mesmerising with the blue background and you just can’t take enough of artistic social media worthy pictures here! Follow the footsteps of Hercules around the Roman ruins or take a break from the archaeological sites and slip way to the vineyards of Nemea and feel the presence of the mighty Zeus around you (Nemea is the sanctuary of Zeus). For more of such interesting trivia about The Peloponnese, look up this free copy of Lonely Planet here.

Check out these fabulous Instagram posts and you will know exactly what we are talking about.

Yup, mesmerising indeed.

Extremadura, Spain

Never heard of it? Neither did we until now and we can’t hate ourselves more from being oblivious about this beauty. It is clearly one of the least known attraction in Spain and it is popular mainly for its medieval archaeological structures. Embark on a road trip here and you will encounter a Moorish castle, monastery and lots of beautiful cathedrals. The recently restored historical structures has revived the architectural beauty that Extremadura silently possesses since time immemorial. This, along with vast stretches of beautiful grasslands makes this place an ideal destination of any adventure seeker. Refer to the Lonely Planet guide to gather tips for your travel here.


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Credit- Brian Devlin
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Credit- Brian Devlin

I can hear you sing una paloma blanca as you imagine yourself running gleefully here.

Northern Dalmatia, Croatia

Things get spruced up when the land and the sea meet and this beautiful destination is the perfect example of this fact. The best feature of the Croatian islands is the magnificent blue water bodies that surround it and the monuments which are situated on humble hill tops make for a picturesque sight.This region has it all- cascading waterfalls, sandy beaches, state-of-art waterfront with an Italian touch to the architectural design of the city- sheer perfection! Read further on Lonely Planet’s Jaw Dropping Coast.


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Credit- Tihomir Grzincic

The Dordogne, France

Castles, castles everywhere and their majestic splendour of medieval architecture won’t let you take your eyes off them. This region is not only a feast for your eyes but also your tummy as the markets here present a variety of tasty offerings which you won’t be able to resist! We are taking about plump truffles, irresistible collection of wine (like blush pink Rosé) and a wide selection of fresh produce will definitely make you drool at the sheer  sight of them. Now marvel at the splendour of this Villa Franca. You will be salivating further if you read this- Gourmet Dordogne.

A great gastronomical experience after a fulfilling visual treat, isn’t this what happiness is all about?

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Texel, the Netherlands

What draws us towards it is the fact that this beauty is that it is largely detached from civilisation and is perfect for the solitude seeker and those with a fascination for off-beat roads (and lighthouses). It doesn’t get much footfall due to its low key presence on the tourist map. This destination is ideal for adventure-seekers as it has a good proportion of beaches and pine forests which always attracts curious explorers like us. What fascinates us most are these images of the quaint countryside and this lighthouse. So beautiful, so mysterious…


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One last time.

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