Rent Europe’s Best Holiday Homes For Less Than ₹6000/night And Live The Dream

Move over the same ol’ B&Bs and ‘all-inclusive’ packages that cost a fortune. Because honestly, your 15-day Europe trip that cost you half a year’s salary deserves way better than a cramped room on the fifth floor without a elevator.

With all those bags? Nah, nope, no way.

To save you time, money and some calories, we found some of the most picturesque and pocket-friendly holiday homes across Europe. These are tucked away in the most serene scapes. On a mountain, next to vineyards, the beach and even, the mystical forest of Arden! They call it ‘Ardenne’ in Belgium but we bet that was exactly what Shakespeare was referring to in As You Like It.

Credits: nature_picarde

Ladies and gentlemen, Arden exists!

If you are checking for ticket prices already, good call. Let’s show you the way to the best holiday homes in Europe.


Belvilla property ID: FR-84800-22

Located in Provence, a few hours from Marseille, this beautiful apartment is right on the golf links of Saumane. Enjoy splendid views of the plains and the idyllic country life. The surrounding scapes look exactly like how Romantic poets described the French countryside. Medieval fortresses, Provencal church towers, old-style bridges overlooking rivers and canals and of course, the perfect weather of southern France.

Scenic scapes nearby

The apartment offers panoramic views of the lush green valley with a big front porch and seating area. A perfect setting to enjoy some cold wine sourced from the nearest vineyards, take a deep breath of that crisp fresh air and watch time slow down as the sun sets in the hills.

Front porch

Picture yourself staring at this wallpaper-like views all day. No Zoom calls, no meetings. Actually, no human in sight.

That’s the dream.

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Search for Belvilla property ID: FR-84800-22.


Belvilla property ID: CH-3983-05

This charming apartment in Switzerland is situated near to the country’s most popular skiing destinations. But even when there is no snow around you will fall in love with the magnificent views this place has to offer.

Live like the locals and take a step closer to the Suisse culture. Wake up to the sound of ringing bells tied around the traditional brown Swiss cattle as they make their way to the valleys. Get enamoured by the sublime alpine beauty that surrounds you and discover hidden caves and flower valleys as you trek up the hills.

View from the terrace

Live like the locals do in your cosy Alpine home. Fully stacked with all the amenities you got back home and more. If you are lucky, you might even find a few cheeses in the refrigerator.

Home sweet home

Trek all the way up or simply lie down on the soft grass and smell the flowers. Remember the last time you did that?


Belvilla property ID: IT-47043-03

Only 800 metres from the sun-kissed Adriatic coast, this cosy apartment with a private garden is the ultimate Italian getaway. Surrounded by olive trees and gardens all around, you can enjoy breezy mornings under the cool shade or enjoy a relaxing siesta in the afternoon with the pleasant ocean breeze lulling you to sleep.

Renting a holiday home gives you a wholesome local experience which hotels and B&B’s fail to offer. Walk a few kilometres to the village square and buy fresh local produce for barbeque night. Because you haven’t been to Italy, if you don’t Eat-ly. Fresh figs, olive, asparagus, all kinds of meat-you name it, they have it! Splash some good ol’ olive oil on caesar salad and watch the birds sing and sway away on the trees.

The village square
Local markets
Front yard

Do everything or nothing at all. You got the entire apartment to yourself for uninterrupted solitude.

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Search for Belvilla property ID: IT-47043-03


Belvilla property ID: AT-5303-01

So we called Heidi from the famous Suisse animated series and she pointed us to this chalet up in the valleys of Austria. No kidding.

Good ol’ Heidi

If you loved her life the way we did and wasn’t to escape to the hills, this budget hotel in Austria is the answer to all your Alpine fantasies.

Not quite close to the real thing? Well if you fancy cutting logs all day to keep you warm, be my guest.

This comfy chalet is equipped with all the amenities and offers the best hilly views that money can buy. Perfect if you want a first-hand experience of the mountain life but keep it as comfy as possible.

Front porch

This chalet in Thalgau, Salzburg accommodates 4 people and is situated close to restaurants and pubs where you can enjoy the nightlife whenever you get bored of the uninterrupted solitude. The nearest market is less than 4 kms so you won’t have to trek all day like Heidi did. During winters you can visit the Gaissau-Hintersee ski area and try out some winter sports. Or maybe, just make snow fairies?

Click here to book & get a discount of 100 Euros with code BEL100SUM.

Search for Belvilla property ID: AT-5303-01


Belvilla property ID: BE-5600-06

Right on the edge of the forest of Ardenne, near the Belgian countryside, you will find this beautiful medieval-style cottage right on the lap of mother nature. Surrounded by brooks, flowers and lush green grasslands, this cottage is the perfect escape for nature lovers.

The interiors are tastefully designed with a beautiful mix of wood and stone to give a classic, rustic feel. The roofed terrace and manicured gardens in the front porch are perfect for spending quality time with your family or simply laze around with your favourite book. European holiday homes provide the perfect setting to let go of the maddening city life and embrace the present.

The paradise that you wished to escape to all your life, just found it’s way to you. This beautiful piece of heaven is a gentle reminder to never stop dreaming. Just keep walking until you make it to the fabled forest of Ardenne.

View from the holiday home

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