Can 100% Sustainably Sourced Fashion Ever Be Runway Worthy? Greensutra Has The Answer.

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2021 is on its way out. Oceans are rising faster than fuel prices and India is yet to christen a company as carbon neutral. While 4 Indian companies made it to the infamous list of top 100 businesses recording highest levels of carbon footprint (even the utterly disgraceful rank 1), organisations like GreenSutra have taken up the colossal task of changing the course of future by making recycling simpler.

Fashionable, rather.

The fashion industry globally, is popular for being the biggest polluter for messing up oceans, land and air in irreversible ways. While some fashion labels are slowly, like really slowly, switching to sustainable practices by opting for sustainable options, the plastic-rich market of women’s accessories is quietly churning out tons and tons of bright, shiny, crooked, flexible variants of plastic that looks great on your hair but will take thousands of years to disappear.

And definitely end up in your food as recent studies have shown that micro-plastics are already present within our food chain.

Pollution Homer Bushes GIF by MOODMAN - Find & Share on GIPHY

Greensutra is on a mission to reduce the negative impact of increasing carbon footprint and water pollution with sustainable, practical practices. Founder Dhvanil Vakharia and his team of earth saviours are a passionate bunch who love getting creative with innovative recycling methods to help companies lower their carbon footprint. Recently, the team set up a real-time plastic recycling booth at India’s most coveted fashion week and converted plastic bottles in to stunning accessories- LIVE!

Azurite earrings available at GreenSutra shop
Discotheque earrings available at GreenSutra shop
Pyrargyrite Ovoid Studs available at GreenSutra shop

Founder Dhvanil making 100% recycled fashion look absolutely effortlessly and oh so trendy!

Apart from creating runway worthy accessories, GreenSutra works closely with companies to develop innovative methods to minimise carbon footprint. The team also works round the clock to create some really cool utilities by recycling stuff like colourful coasters, lamps and decorative lighting. Dhvanil firmly believes that despite all efforts, India still have a long way to go in terms of adopting sustainable methods as currently there aren’t any companies that are truly carbon neutral.

Stacks of coasters crafted by recycling plastic

If you are a fashion label, food label or any label at all, team GreenSutra would be happy to guide you with simple, sustainable solutions to a greener path with the following services-

  • Carbon and water footprint solutions
  • Environmental clearance
  • Energy audit solutions
  • Rooftop solar solutions
  • Waste management

Whether you are bootstrap business working out of your home alone or a conglomerate, we are all contributing to carbon footprint in one way or the other.

Like the 9,000 mails in your inbox, for example.

GreenSutra is hopeful about helping the fashion industry minimise their environmental impact with creative recycling solutions as the team is proficient at handling all kinds of materials from plastic to e-waste. In Dhvanil’s words,

“We try to evaluate every possible environmental impact of a company before diving in to the solutions bit. Every brand, every industry functions differently and we try to help wherever we can with doable solutions that can be sustained over a long-term”

We can’t save the world overnight or undo the damage in a decade. The least we can do is take a tiny leap to the greener side and hope for a greener planet someday.

Coz let’s face it. Mars is hella boring.

Visit GreenSutra to know more about their offerings and products or hit up the team for a quick chat about all the things you can do to wipe out your carbon footprint.

Dhvanil Vakharia: +91 83691 29962
Divya Shetty: +91 7506847883

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