5 Online certification courses that can hike your pay package

Nowadays an MBA degree is barely enough to secure a dream job with the best pay package. The competitive nature of the job market has made it absolutely necessary for job seekers to beef up their resume with multiple certifications in order to land their dream job. Lucky for us, online portals such as Simplilearn has made the process easier and effective by offering a multitude of options, especially the most important data certification courses which has helped many in not only securing a promotion, but also achieve a major hike in one’s salary. The best part is that most of the online courses are self-paced, which is ideal for individuals caught up in a busy work schedule. With these options, you can add further value to your Linkedin profile by filling it up with valuable certifications and enjoy scrolling through the multiple job offers you will receive on the completion of your course. The best part about online portals like Simplilearn is that they offer valid certifications on the completion of the course and thus has a huge advantage over the free courses.

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Top 5 courses-

1.Cloudera Data Scientist (Big data and Hadoop developer)

This is undoubtedly the most sought after course and is also the most important pre-requisite for recruitment in the best companies. This course is ideal for Analytics/ data management professionals, business Intelligence Professionals,aspiring data scientists and Graduates interested in data analysis. The necessary pre-requisite for this course is the knowledge of Java and Simplilearn  gives complimentary access to “Java Essentials for Hadoop” along with the course.

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 2.CISSP Certification

The certification helps you develop the expertise in defining the architecture, in designing, building, and maintaining a secure business environment for your organization using globally approved Information Security standards. Knowledge of network and software security is highly valued mainly due to its increased importance and the dearth of professionals in this field. This course is ideal for security consultants/managers, IT directors or network architects. Visit here for more information on this course.

3.ITIL Certification Course

This course prepares you for ITIL certification. The certificate holders not only earn more than most of their peers but also qualify as the foremost choice for promotion. Simplilearn prepares you for the certification exam by imparting a comprehensive understanding of the purpose, objective and scope of service strategy, service design, service transition, service operations, and continual service improvement which form the main body of the exam. Visit here for more information on this course.

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4. Data Analyst (SAS, R &Excel)

This course helps you with the work experience needed to be a skilled professional in the fast emerging field of Data Science. A data scientist never faces dearth of opportunities in the job market and data science certification makes you an expert at understanding the problem, designing the analysis and applying predictive modelling techniques to derive business insights from data. The course is obviously a must for software professionals but it is also beneficial for individuals from the fields of humanities or commerce who wish to make considerable progress in their current position.

5. Project Management Certification

This course is ideal for project managers or any one who aspires to clear the PMP certification exam. The certificate holders have an edge over those working in the similar or higher profile.This is not pertained to a specialised project and is intended for running any kind of project. The PMP certification exam tests five areas relating to the life cycle of a project: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. Visit here for more information on this course.


The best part about online courses is that it serves the interest of students from all fields. An arts or a commerce student can earn proficiency in data analysis as easily as any engineering student. Thus online courses are the vanguard of diversification of knowledge and the future of skill and talent acquisition for the world.

Simplilearn offers you to take all these courses on a trial basis which you can explore here.

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