The Mother Of Fashion- Lady Chanel

“If you are sad, add more lipstick and attack”


This is one of the many badass quotes of the Tangled ‘C’ company founder, Coco Chanel.  Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel was every inch, a modern and revolutionary figure of the early 19th century. The past, present, and the future generations will swear by her quotes and fashion mantra as she paved the way to brilliance by laying down the principles of modern fashion trends.


From living in an orphanage to selling clothes in streets at a young age to singing on stage to finally opening her own salon at Deauville with her lover’s money, she lived a complicated and mysterious life.This was however in a sharp contrast to her designs which expressed beauty in the most simplistic manner. Chanel was the first lady to break away from the tradition of the Victorian trend to shift towards accommodating  elegance and class in women’s fashion.


Two legends- Salvadore Dali and Chanel


Doing so, she rescued women’s clothing from the old world frills and corsets. Her first designs were simple yet powerful and becoming for women newly embarking in the modern world.

working on her creation. Douglas Kirkland in his book said of “I never saw Chanel without her hat on- and she smoked constantly”

Her trademark women suits were a perfect fit for the nouveau independent working women which mimicked and challenged the patriarchy at the same time. Her creations like the little black dress , Chanel no.5 and suits are still in vogue shows the timeless character of her thoughts and designs. ­Coco Chanel was suspected to be a Nazi spy during WWII.


The symbol of perfection and class

Jackie Kennedy in a Chanel Suit

Powerful figures like Jackie Kennedy of the last millennium and Anna Wintour, the current  Editor-in-Chief of Vogue rendered Chanel its reputation and global recognition.

Fashion mogul Anna Wintour sporting a Chanel Suit

Chanel passed away at the age of 87 in her apartment at Hotel Ritz in Paris, leaving behind a legacy for aspiring fashionistas.



Picture Credits- Tumblr

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