Community Is The Cure: Café Di Ghent’s Secret Recipe To Sailing Past COVID-19

It takes more than insta-worthy platters and a picturesque ambience to create Gurgaon’s top-rated café.

In recent times, ‘café culture’ has become an integral part of an urban lifestyle. Apart from helping millennials to step out and socialise on the pretext of cappuccinos and cool air-conditioning, ita space where time stops, hearts embrace and even a few promises are made.

Some over laptops, other over warm teardrops.

The classic café experience took a hit as soon as the pandemic came crawling down our streets.

Overlooking one of the oldest and most popular suburbs of Gurgaon’s DLF City, Café Di Ghent was one of the few restaurants that resumed dine-in as soon as ‘Unlock 1.0’ kicked-off in India. Similar businesses followed suit but very few could secure dine-in permits due to increasing COVID-19 cases in adjoining neighbourhoods.

A community united by food, passion and love

A chirpy restaurateur, Bal DiGhent welcomes every guest with an infectious smile.  After exchanging pleasantries and asking for feedback about the food and experience, Bal shares a brief introduction about the Di Ghent community.

Years before COVID-19 plagued the world, Bal worked towards creating a communal space since day one. Uniting people with similar interests over lip-smacking gourmet cuisine and delightful desserts.

Apart from enjoying scrumptious dishes, the guests of Gurgaon’s top-rated cafe spoke to each other, exchanged ideas, built contacts and eventually, helped each other out.

Fast forward to 2020, he is now a proud mediator of a 100,000+ member community.


The community gradually shaped Gurgaon’s best cafe into a lively, popular haunt attracting people from in and around Gurgaon every day.

Some lip-smacking dishes you can enjoy at this top-rated café in Gurgaon-

Knesselare- Cheddar, gouda, brie, blue, parmesan, dried apricots, figs, cranberries, nuts, olives, fresh fruit, cucumber, carrot, dips, focaccia toast. (Tastes best with wine)
Draak Van Gent Salad- Iceberg, caesar dressing, parmesan flakes, croutons.
Drongen- Bacon wrapped chicken, fungi mushroom, potato mash, sautéed garlic vegetables, red wine.
Geraard de pasta- Homemade basil pesto sauce, pistachio nuts, sundried tomatoes, parmesan.
Charles V Panini- Grilled chicken, lettuce, homemade basil pesto mayonnaise.

Café Di Ghent is a second home for many who frequent this place for a quick bite or simply enjoy the music and buzzing vibe with loved ones. With its warm, picturesque ambience, this beautiful café in Gurgaon is a creative respite where you can play a new note on your saxophone or find a quiet corner to finish your novel.

Whatever you do, you feel safe, valued and among friends.

Bal’s constant efforts of networking, maintaining quality, checking-in on guests and building up Gurgaon’s most loved café bore the sweetest fruits when the lockdown ceased.

Business as usual during COVID-19

If you are considering this restaurant for your next Sunday brunch, do make a reservation.

Di Ghent lovers prefer to visit their favourite joint personally. After reopening during COVID-19, this top-rated restaurant in Gurgaon’s 70% business comes from dine-in unlike majority of other food joints that have reported high online sales. Their team is taking all measures to ensure a safe dining experience and as per Bal’s instructions, every member is  avoiding crowded places for their own safety and that of his guests.

Bal says that some of his guests have stepped out of their homes after 3-6 months, placing their safety and trust on Di Ghent. Watching happy faces of friends and families dining in the café, taking pictures and smiling once again, is a sight to behold.

Denizens of Gurgaon are indeed grateful to Café Di Ghent for carving a safe haven where one can enjoy the lost glory of the pre-COVID-19 world.

Cross Point’s Café Di Ghent has also extended its operational hours from 9.30 AM to 8 AM onwards on weekends to serve a hearty breakfast to Gurgaon’s biking squads and cyclists.

In this, together

Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much

-Helen Keller

With 100,000+ strong community of friends and families across Mumbai, Bangalore and NCR. Bal has reached out to artisan families seeking aid during the pandemic to help out with his network of well-wishers.

“We are helping people introducing each other, whether through an app or initiated by me so that they can trade with each other. This is a time when everyone needs a helping hand. We are a global citizen segment. It is quite a powerful segment and they can be quite influential. Secondly, we are supporting artisans by reaching out to corporates asking them if they need handmade merchandise which we can in turn source from artisans and protect their livelihoods.”

“Our community has supported us immensely on this initiative and we are going directly to the families without any middleman. That’s what makes Di Ghent stand apart. We have always been in the hospitality business but we have been a little above hospitality in the community and experience space.”

-Bal DiGhent

Indeed, good vibes, light, and love can light up the darkest nights.

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